New Tantric Sex Techniques


New Tantric Sex Techniques

One of the most fundamental keys to good love making is for both partners to make time for each other each week. The free ones can also date with escort or escorts and have sex in more sophisticated way.

Make it quality time, not just something you try to squeeze into your hectic schedule, because then over time you will start to resent that time you have set side. Make it at least an hour of more of uninterrupted time each week. You will not gain the benefits of love making and Tantric sex if the stability of your relationship with your partner is not made into a priority.

You must create an inviting atmosphere. It does not need to be the bedroom, but rather a very special place where you can both escape from the rest of the world and focus on each other without the normal distractions of the world. Relax with your partner and allow yourself to be brought into the moment.

Use what you need to in order to create the right atmosphere – candles, flowers, erotica art, special finger foods, tantalizing aromas, all of this can help transform your chosen environment into a temple of sexual delight. Even an act as simple as dimming the lights and playing some soft, perhaps even erotic music will help to create that desired welcoming environment.

How you dress is important. Wear something sexy, something provocative, or wear nothing at all. Experiment in this area to find out what helps you feel as sexy as possible as well as what excites your partner the most.

Tantric Intimacy Exercises

Your journey into the exciting area of Tantric sex begins with ritual. This does not need to be elaborate but rather perhaps something as simple as feeding each other finger foods or sharing a glass of good wine in the nude. If you have a hot tub or spa, many couple find this the best place to start this journey.

Wash each other gently and with loving care. Water relaxes the body and is also a classic symbol of sexuality. Many couples also find that gently massaging each other can be a superb way to attune your energies to the same frequency.

Remember, the idea here is to create a sense of love and cherishment towards your partner that they can feel. Read poetry to each other, dance with each other, play with each other, listen to music – you are working to develop a new level of intimacy with your partner. Also use this time to communicate with your partner to let them know they are loved and cherished.

The goal here is to fully focus on each other, and although this is difficult for many to believe and achieve, the ultimate goal is not sex, not at this point.

Granted, sex will come, and it will be better than it has ever been for you in the past without these rituals, but that explosion into ecstasy comes as a natural part AFTER you and your partner have gotten onto the same frequency and wavelength.

Many couples find that experimenting in perfecting this aspect of it and foregoing sexual intercourse is a great way to strengthen the bonds of love and bring passion to a new and higher level.

Try to harmonize and coordinate your breathing with your partner. Chances are that the only time you ever consciously thought about breathing is when you had trouble doing it, but conscious breathing can be a powerful aid to sexual growth, according to sex therapist Marty Klein, Ph.D of Palo Alto, California. Another benefit of breathing exercises is that it can also quiet the mind and help you focus on your partner (escort or escorts).

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How to Clear a Clogged Toilet

A clogged toilet does not necessarily mean you need to phone a plumber to unblock it. You maybe able to fix the toilet yourself by using a few of these simple hints, but if you cannot, then you should call a plumber (υδραυλικός Αθήνα).

First boil a kettle of water then pour it into the toilet bowl, allowing it to sit for a minute before flushing. This can often remove a simple blockage of toilet paper. Repeat this step two or three more times. You should see an improvement each time.

If the toilet is still blocked, time to try step two

Sprinkle 1/2 cup of baking soda into the toilet bowl then add 2/3 cup of vinegar, it will foam, flush toilet then follow with a kettle full of hot water, flushing once again. If this has not improved your toilet blockage it is time to try plunging the toilet.

Tie a plastic bag around the head of the mop creating a water tight
seal. Wear rubber gloves and grab the mop handle, pressing the head of the mop into the toilet bowl, pump the mop in an up and down motion, this creates a vacuum effect which should force any blockage out
of the toilet.

Remove the mop from the toilet and flush to see if the water flow has improved and the blockage has been removed. You may need to repeat plunging a few times to get the free flow of water.

Remove the plastic bag from the mop and discard, if possible wash the mop head in the washing machine for extra confidence that it is now hygienically clean. If these steps fail, it may well be time to consider calling for a handy man to clear the blockage.

How to remove a toilet blockage

  • To clean a plugged toilet, first bail out enough water to prevent overflowing.
  • Clear and remove any visible blockage by using a toilet plunger.
  • Place the plunger over the large opening in the bottom of the bowl and pump about ten times.
  • Remove the plunger. If water rushes out, it means that the blockage is cleared.
  • If the plunger fails, try an auger.
  • Twist the auger into the toilet; try to break through the blockage.
  • A bent coat hanger can also do the trick (will remove some objects).
  • Remember chemical cleaners at times are not that effective for toilet bowl blockage.
  • Cleaners usually can’t reach the blockage, and they complicate the process further.

If your problem still persists, then call for professional help.
The above is an extract from the ebook Handywoman’s Home Repairs.

The author, Gloria Rae, is a woman and she writes this ebook for women.  Listen to what else
she has to say about being a handywoman.

Women and home repair can mix!

In fact, if you take away the heavy or super-awkward movements, women can do a whole lot
of fixing.

You can have fun and save money, too.

It feels good and powerful to be able to do things for yourself.

I started learning how to fix things at a very young age. It seemed that, if I ever wanted anything
done when I wanted it done, I had to do it myself. You know how long you can wait, don’t you?

Years ago, I was pregnant. My kitchen sink was broken and my husband kept saying he was
going to fix it. So, I’d haul the dishes to the bathtub with a dishpan. My back ached as you well
can imagine. It was awkward and it made me angry.

But, I had been raised that women were to listen to their husbands.

Times have changed and so have I. After several months and me (with a new born daughter and
a three year old) doing dishes with the dishpan in the bathtub, my husband fixed the sink in
fifteen minutes.

It took him fifteen minutes to fix a sink that I could not use for five months! I was livid.

And so, my journey began. I not only learned the skills that I needed, but I made a small
business out of painting apartment buildings, created an income and became independent.

Toilet Clog Blockage Removal

Professional plumbers are here to meet your residential, municipal, and industrial toilet blockage needs. A plumber would typically use a toilet auger to remove stubborn materials from the drain, or to identify the existence of a foreign object.

Often small children and careless adults drop small objects/toys in the toilet, and then attempt to flush them down, causing them to lodge in the toilet drain.

Typically you can clear a clogged toilet with a good plunger. Don’t buy the cheap orange/red plungers without the flange for doing a toilet. You are better served getting one like shown in the picture below.

If you are unsuccessful in removing the clog with the plunger, you can either try a toilet auger, or removing the toilet, but we highly recommend calling a plumber.

Removing a toilet requires heavy lifting, and knowledge on how to reset the toilet once the blockage is removed. For you at home do-it-yourselfers, you may want to read the following recommendations and tips below.

Toilet Clog Blockage Removal


1) CAUTION: Wear proper eye protection before working on any plumbing project! For a plunger to work effectively, there needs to be enough water in the bowl to completely cover the plumber’s bulb. DON’T flush the toilet to provide enough water, as this will typically make the toilet overflow. Instead, get the water from another source and pour just enough in the bowl to cover the cup. Excess water may have to be removed later if you’re unsuccessful in dislodging the clog.

2) Make sure the plunger is firmly seated in the bottom of the toilet, and that the bulb is covering the drain completely, otherwise you’re wasting effort. Using a plunger with a flange at the bottom (like the one in the above picture) is most effective type for removing toilet blockages, as it creates an optimal vacuum.

3) Stroke the plunger repeatedly 10 times up and down without removing it from the drain hole. The idea here is to create a vacuum where the plunger will actually pull the object back towards the toilet bowl, and then forward. The back and forth vacuum is what dislodges the clog.

4) Repeat process a couple of times. If the drain clears, the water in the bowl should run down. If you’re not sure if the drain is completely cleared, pour more water in the bowl by getting the water from another source before flushing the toilet.

5) If you are unsuccessful in removing the blockage, we recommend you call a professional handyman.


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4 Ways To Unclog Your Bathtub Drain With Standing Drinking water

5 Weird Plumbers Secrets

4 Ways To Unclog Your Bathtub Drain With Standing Drinking water


4 Ways To Unclog Your Bathtub Drain With Standing Drinking water

A clogged drain is never an perfect situation for any home. Do you find yourself in the typical circumstance of taking an unintended bath each and every time you shower, consistently possessing the water achieve your feet or even greater?

If you are working with a whole lot of standing water in your bathtub soon after each and every shower or bath, then you most very likely have a clogged bathtub drain. It is crucial to unclog your bathtub drain as before long as achievable because standing water can produce a lot more troubles for your home and toilet.

Experts from drainage cleaning companies like Apofraxeis Athina ( αποφράξεις αθήνα ) Antoniou are giving to us some helpful advice.

Hazards Posed From Standing Drinking water

Relying on the severity of your bathtub’s clog, you may be dealing with standing water sitting in your tub for hours or even times. Standing water can be the result in of several issues in your house.

Standing water is a breeding ground for bugs, mostly mosquitoes, flies, and dragonflies that will be a nuisance to you if authorized to achieve its grownup form and carry on to breed.

Mosquitoes and Flies the two carry an assortment of ailments that could hurt the two people and pets. These bugs also host parasites like heartworms and tapeworms.

Standing water leads to mold and mildew to type this is a respiration hazard for anyone in the home.

If you are noticing your standing water to be receiving larger with every single shower, then it will benefit you to get in touch with a specialist grasp plumber from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing to unclog the drain for you.

If you have selected to go the route of fixing the dilemma your self, listed here are some suggestions to support you consider to unclog that bathtub drain and allow you to chill out in the shower again.

Just before beginning any of these steps, take the needed steps to distinct your tub of any standing water, or else you will just add far more water to your tub.

What do you need to start the procedure

  • Rubber Gloves
  • Plunger
  • Plumber’s Snake
  • Screwdriver
  • Bucket
  • Rag or some kind of cloth to use for blocking
  • Sponge

1. Get rid of All Noticeable Blockage From Your Drain

You can do this basic search and resolve with your fingers. We always advise sporting gloves if you are heading to be making speak to with all the gunk that has accrued in your bathtub’s drain. A lot of bathtub clogs are induced by undesired hair, cleaning soap scum, or other rest room goods producing its way into your drain.

Sometimes these blockages can be very noticeable and can easily be cleared out with your fingers. A regular occurrence is a massive hairball that has accumulated in your drain. Right after performing this, check out to see if the drinking water can drain from your tub.

2. Plunge Your Bathtub

If you have removed all the obvious blockage from your drain and find that your bathtub is nevertheless not draining then, it is time to plunge your bathtub drain.

Remember to eliminate any standing drinking water from the tub before beginning. Take your screwdriver and eliminate the overflow cover this is generally situated beneath the faucet. Examine the coil and take away any hairs or substance that is blocking it.

Now that you have taken off the overflow protect take your rag and jam it in the hole of the overflow opening. Make confident you stick it in there tight, this is to make certain that no air escapes when you endeavor to use your plunger.

We must mention that as you begin plunging, your rag will be pushed out from the air trying to escape. So, it is essential to use a totally free hand to maintain your rag lodged into the overflow opening. If you could have one more man or woman whose task is to maintain the rag in spot it will make this entire procedure a lot smoother.

Now that the preparations have been made start plunging your bathtub’s drain. Dedicate a excellent volume of time to carrying out this. If you have never used a plunger ahead of then, it is easy to suppose that this strategy is not functioning. But, give it some time and effort and you might be rewarded before long adequate.

You will know you are profitable when you commence to listen to the drinking water drain. If this approach proves productive, and your pipe looks cleared, then proceed to run some hot drinking water by means of your drain to very clear any remaining residue that was causing the blockage.

If this strategy did not work either, then we would advise snaking the drain next.

3. Utilizing a Plumbing Snake to Unclog Your Drain

This can be tough if you have no familiarity with utilizing a plumbing snake. If you are not sure with how to use a plumbing snake and plunging did not perform then, we very suggest contacting a specialist to help correct this situation.

If you have attempted the plunging approach than your overflow protect should presently have been removed. Get your plumbing snake and insert it into the opening left from getting rid of the overflow go over. You are going to feed the snake by way of the hole until finally you meet up with with some pushback or resistance in the pipe.

When you hit this resistance, it is time to consider to use your snake to split the clog aside or try to go it down the drain each will function in unclogging your bathtub’s drain.

After you have been achieved with some resistance, switch the snake counter clockwise to snake it into the clog. If the clog fails to split apart, then you will have to try to pull the clog out from the overflow opening.

If this does not work both, you can try a residence treatment drain cleaner.

4. Unclog Bathtub Drain Without Chemicals

We comprehend that numerous men and women do not like the concept of dropping chemical substances into their drains to try out to unclog it.

This tends to make perception as several liquid drain cleaners can make the scenario worse and clog up the drain even more. Also based mostly on the variety of plumbing pipes you have, liquid drain cleaners can also rust or erode your pipes.

What you will want for this method:

  • Baking Soda
  • 1 Cup of Vinegar
  • Scorching water

You can commence with a half cup of baking soda and pour that down the bathtub’s drain. Genuinely get that baking soda in there. Now functioning with your vinegar, pour half of your cup down the drain slowly, you ought to begin to see some “fizzing” happen.

When you discover this occurring, include the drain, and wait for the fizzing to end. After the fizzing has stopped, continue to do it once more.

After this part is carried out, enable this sit for 30minutes and get ready the very hot water. After 30minutes has passed, pour the sizzling water down the drain and wait till the drain is unclogged.


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5 Weird Plumbers Secrets

5 Weird Plumbers Secrets

5 Weird Plumbers Secrets

Plumbers are specialised in taking care of the tanks, pipes and valves to ease our life.

They not only help in waste removal and delivery of potable water but also play an important role in the cooling and heating system of our home.

Plumbing is one of the ancient professions which taught us the importance of sanitation. Plumbers usually have a tough time during their working hours but they minimise the work pressure by being calm and joyful.

We have listed 5 wired plumber’s secret which will make you wonder about the challenges they face.

Weird Plumber Things Encountered During Clogged Drains

The most common issue that plumbers encounter is the clogged drains. They get a number of calls for cleaning the drains.

Apart from paper towels, sanitary items, they find weird things being disposed of.

Some of the items in this list are mentioned below:

1. Beer Cans

Beer cans is the most common, but also quite weird thing that the plumbers find in the drain. Adults, teenagers, college students dispose the cans in the toilet which results in the blockage of drain.

It is a common practice of this age group which unnecessarily increases the work of the plumbers. Most of the people reveal that they have disposed beer can in the toilet.

2. Mobile Phones

People carry their mobile phone even to the bathroom and there have been a number of cases in which the phone gets into the drain as a result of carelessness of the people. This activity not only damages the device but also clog the drains.


5 Weird Plumbers Secrets

3. Live Animals

It sounds horrible but it is a truth that plumbers encounter live animals in a clog. Snakes and insects are the main species that are found in the pipes. Really weird!

It is very fearful sight but the plumbers try their level best to get the animal out of the pipes. In critical cases, they seek help from the wildlife department as well.

They Have A Different Coding Language

It is impossible for common people to understand the terms used by the plumbers.

The terms used by the plumbers sounds very inappropriate and disgraceful. Some weird misunderstood terms of the plumbers are listed below:

1. Ballcock

It is the most commonly used term by the plumbers when you are getting your toilet repair. Ballcock is basically the fill valve that regulates the quantity of water entering the tank.

2. Cock-hole Cover

Don’t be impolite, be calm. Cock-hole cover is the piece of metal used to cover unusual openings in your sink.

3. Sweating The Pipe

Practically, this phrase does not make any scene but for the plumbers it means soldering of pipes. If a plumbers are taking about sweating of pipes then they will be soldering the pipes together so that they can cease the leakage.

4. Nipple

In plumber’s language, nipple is a small piece of pipe that is used to connect two large pipes. If you hear this term by the plumbers, don’t worry, they are working to resolve your concern.

Pretty Old Profession

According to the historians, this profession originated over 5,000 years ago. But the standard plumbing started during the Indus River Valley Civilisation.

However, it was not as sophisticated as the present plumbing system but we got an idea about sanitation from that era only.

The plumbers during the Indus River Valley Civilisation were capable enough to design drains which could carry waste water from the house. People even had toilets with drain system.

They Have A Number Of Stories

This profession demands visiting to a number of people every day. The customers have unique features and characteristics. Some are polite, while others are rude.

The plumbers enjoy the company of the customers and take away some interesting story about the person or the family. They normally discuss about their customers when they have idle time.

Even you can enjoy plumber’s secret stories; all you need to do is just chit chat with your plumber.

They Have A Personal Life As Well

Just like us, plumbers also have a personal life and they want enjoy that as well.

However, a bad day at work can ruin their personal life. It is our responsibility to treat them well so that they are in a good mood and can enjoy with their family.

They can have a bad or good day, but we should treat them well so that they can wind up their day in a jolly mood.


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